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Pressure Washing for residential homes from Beaverton to Happy Valley, and Lake Oswego to Wilsonville.
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Pressure Washing services for driveways, walkways, patios, house siding, brick, concrete, gutter faces, patio furniture, planters, pool areas, sidewalks, stairs, and most decks.

We use high quality pressure washers with the right pressure for the best results. 
The psi pressure level can be adjusted for a low setting on decks, or other soft surfaces. 
We can also clean large driveways with one of our larger units that have a higher water flow and pressure.

Most surfaces will look great for a year or two after cleaning. Sometimes your siding will look good enough that you can wait much longer before painting your house.
Average Pricing for Pressure Washing
Most companies price power washing by the square foot. But if your driveway is an odd shape how can you accurately measure it. And what if your measurement is very different than a companies measurement. Plus how do you figure out the square footage of a wall or stairs?

This is a basic example of our pricing, and hopefully easier to understand.
A driveway that can fit two or three cars on it would be ~$400, and include a walkway to your front door. A driveway that can fit four to six cars would be ~$500 with your walkway.

Pricing is usually about the same even if it is very mossy, and hasn't been cleaned in years.
This is because the cleaning times are about the same for a very dirty surface or a not so dirty surface.
Our only challenge is usually if the water can't drain away to the street or drain somewhere, and causes puddles. Puddles are hard to clean through, and will splash and dirty nearby surfaces that will need extra rinsing, like walls or garage doors. 

Many people like to add the front sidewalk by the street. I think this looks better overall and is usually only an extra $100. If your home is on a very large corner lot then we can give you a price before we start.

We are happy to come out and give an exact quote, especially if you have multiple areas to clean. For any quotes you don't have to be home. We can just leave a card at your front door with each surface area separately priced.
Also an exact quote can be done by looking up your home on google maps. This will show a front street view as well as a satellite view from above. Just email us your address, and we can email you back a quick easy quote.

If we do come out, and your not home then just make sure your gates unlocked, and any dogs are kept inside. 
If you have any questions at all, or would like to meet in person for a more detailed explanation, then feel free to give us a call or email us.

Our Email is and our phone # is (503) 722-7259
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