Lake Oswego window and gutter cleaning Photo-Gallery
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On this day we worked at a house with the most incredible views. It took a little longer to finish, This was one house with 18 bedrooms. I think we're in the wrong business.
Oregon Coast cleaning skylights and windows.
Hanging Christmas lights in palm trees. Doing lights in Oregon was very different, we were having fun until the trade winds started to blow. and the whole tree would move.
Hanging Christmas lights with a great office view from the roof.
Working with Steve hanging lights and cleaning windows, we met a Ducks fan. How funny I didn't want to bother our customer Byron but Steve just had to get a picture.
Over the years our company has done some very fun, challenging, and sometimes very scary homes. 
These are just a few of the very memorable days at work.
The great thing about our job is our office view is different everyday, these are some of my favorite.
Mostly from the Portland area, to the Oregon coast, and some from a very fun time in Maui.